A while back, I was turning onto a local highway at a rather busy intersection and I noticed something far off in the distance. It was a glint of light just above the horizon. It wasn’t a plane or an celestial object. It wasn’t something I’d noticed in all these […]

Atlanta Skyline from 35 Miles

I love science but I am not a scientist.  I’m not one of those cliché guys/gals that just says they like science because nerds and geeks are the “in” thing.  I was well into it before that.  I will say that I do like that movement and hope it lasts.  […]

Science. The Real Why… For Me

Friday was like any other day for me at work.  Everyone was glad weekend was approaching and around 4pm I’d started to wind my day and week down.  This usually means finishing up any minor projects that might have gotten overlooked during the week.  It could include polishing up a […]

The rock that stopped my world (for a few hours ...

Ok I have a love affair with something… it’s not another woman; not chocolate; not a beefed up truck with boat in tow either.  It’s high speed cameras and the footage they gather.  Always been fascinated by it because it allows a glimpse into a world that is unknown to […]


Ok, this one is kind of fun.  Aliens. Where are they?  I mean they’re here right? Not so fast.  Lets get this science lesson out of the way right here and now. Science! This is the Milky Way: So there you have it. That’s us tucked away in a tiny […]

Aliens are not here; not proven at least

So, payingpeterback.com was finally retired.  I had owned it for nearly 4 years.  The original idea was that sometimes you have to rob Peter to pay Paul.  Well, we were going to pay him back.  The blog quickly turned into my blog where I rambled on about this and that […]

New year, new domain

Our view of Atlantis
I really hoped I wouldn’t be tired when I woke up to get on the road but I wasn’t even a bit tired.  My son handled the 3:30am wake up call rather well.  It was my mother that woke us both us.  I don’t think she slept very well.  Our […]

Space Shuttle: All Systems Go

Mom, wife and son
I had made every list and checked it twice.   I poured over best routes to take, places to sit at KSC and just otherwise how to have the best experience.  With everything all set, we were good to go barring something going wrong. Something went wrong Late June I noticed […]

Space Shuttle: A Reality Check

STS-135 Parking Placard 1
That last attempt was in 2007.  A lot happened in that year.  Our youngest son was born in August and I got a new job in November.  For the time being I was grounded as far as launch attempts go.  They are expensive and mostly time consuming.  Time is what […]

Space Shuttle: The Final Year

Mike Mullane and I 1
As I mentioned in the previous posting, seeing a shuttle in person proved to be daunting.  I just didn’t know how daunting it would be.  With STS-121 (Discovery) now behind me I started to look for the next opportunity.  It would be a little more than a month later in […]

Space Shuttle: The Elusive