Ok I have a love affair with something… it’s not another woman; not chocolate; not a beefed up truck with boat in tow either.  It’s high speed cameras and the footage they gather.  Always been fascinated by it because it allows a glimpse into a world that is unknown to us.

Now I have nowhere near the money to buy one of the fancy high speed cams.  You know you can’t afford it if the price isn’t even mentioned on the website.  By the way, just list the damn price anyway.  I’m looking right at you Vision Research.  I digress.

So I went and bought the cheapest thing I could find that shot actual high speed.  It’s a Casio Exilim and while the photos and such are mediocre, the real magic lies in the 240fps mode.  It also does 480fps but at a very low resolution.  At any rate I’ve compiled some footage and I’ll post my latest video here.  I’ll post more in the future but this is a nice little start.  The fire and the wine are my favorite ones.  Music is by yours truly as well. 🙂


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