Lewis (Bucky) McCraryWhat is this place?  This place used to be a joint blog between my wife and I.  In fact I think if you dig far enough down you’ll find some of her original posts.  It was a self help, feel good, get life in order, etc, sorta blog.  It honestly sort of fell to the way side.  In that time period though I discovered something that I like! I like to blog about science crap.

I am not a scientist or even close to being one.  I’m a mere designer of graphics, webs, video, audio and whatever else might need designing.  Growing up I found myself stuck between two worlds: Creativity and Technical.  Creativity won out because it’s just easier to land a job.  That hasn’t stopped my endless quest for knowledge.

I want to know how everything works, from myself to the Universe. Don’t get me wrong, creativity and the like is in my blood.  In fact, I think it helps me to try an understand the world around me more. 😀

So, I like to draw silly comics as well, which you will see here and there.  I used to be a LOT better at drawing.  Using a computer to do all the drawing for you really puts a thick layer of rust on illustration.  I’m also a bit impatient with hand drawing so I will rush to get it done.  It’s ok, as long as the point is gotten across.

Another thing I hope to do very soon are videos.  Video production is fun when it’s self-fulfilling and not for someone tapping their foot waiting on you.  What will they be about?  Things that interest me.  The thing is, it seems that a true interest in science is declining here in the states, overall.  I think that’s a sad shame.  Instead we’re inundated with a media spin on every science story (politics, world destruction, lolcats).  It’s hardly ever presented in a fashion of “this is just plain cool”.  I’d like to make it what it is: awesome.

Soon this blog will move, along with all relevant postings, to a new domain.  I must figure out what it will be called.