Short stories

I like to write very short and usually odd stories, so, I’ll blog em when I think of em.

Lately the strangest thing has been happening. We’ve been seeing umbrellas laying around here and there. It used to be shoes that were laying around then again they still do. So, is it a coincidence that we’ve seem them laying around? I think not! I shall explain. Umbrellas, what do […]

The Umbrella Puzzle

One by one They fall away As if to say Forget it now You don’t exist Leave my space Rest your presence The normal restraint Restrain, Release, be safe now, until next time Then it starts all over again, restrain, restrain Would rock if there were some actual music to […]

One by one

Einstein, evolving monsters, shape-shifters, large bells, relativity, destruction of a planet, laws of physics, defying reality, traversing long time scales in moments, uncovering hidden secrets through a living earth, preserving the past, present and future, staying busy, always looking over your shoulder, informing enemies of their weakness, educating a species […]

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