Shoulder: Feeling a bit better each day.  Still stiff and painful when I exert too much force on it.  The progress is slow but it’s expected since the shoulder typically takes a long time to heal. Cardio: Ran today actually which was good for the shoulder because it got some […]

Day 10

Sorry, this is actually day 6 but I’m writing about day 5! Day 5 was great.  I did splurge on lunch and a small dessert after dinner.  I had a hamburger and baked beans at lunch and dessert was some of that double extra super mega churned icecream.  Calories were […]

Day 5

Summary: Today was great.  I did feel like I was slipping a little in the evening after halving a cupcake with the wife.  I responded by mixing another half with a meal replacement.  EAT THAT!  Calories are on target.  Exercise went great too. Eating: Still a little carb heavy, gotta […]

Day 3

Today was very good.  The diet was balanced for the most part and I made the gym and had a great workout.  I feel good despite that post workout “blah” I sometimes get.  I made sure to have some sugar right after the workout in the form of sucking on […]

Day 1