rotator cuff

Honestly I have good days and bad days.  So far, today is a good day.  Slow healing makes for extreme frustration.  Doing the exercises really seems to help.  I’m quite sore after I do them but I take that as meaning those muscles aren’t very worked.  It’s not the shoulder […]

Shoulder: Week 7

Sorry I’m not doing these… well… daily! I’m learning quickly that rotator cuff injuries are the devil devil devil.  These things take a long time to heal.  I’ve been working it a bit too hard the past couple of days and I’m going to give the elliptical trainer a break […]

Daily Update

Much better day today.  Went to the doctor and the rotator cuff appears to be sprained/strained ( I can’t remember exactly what he said ).  I made sure that he knew I wasn’t seeing him for ILLNESS today.  At any rate he ran a battery of simple tests on me […]

Day 9

Well, I did something to my rotator cuff a few days ago and it’s really pissing me off.  Usually things like this mentally derail me.  I’ll be all feeling good and doing good then bam, something goes wrong.  I’m not letting that happen this time.  I can still do plenty […]

Rotator cuff