Yes, so I’ve been meaning to update my shoulder.  It’s significantly better these days.  Still hurts to do a few things but I have the full range of motion back and things are otherwise peachy.  I still stretch to do things involving a lot of shoulder movement.  Oh, my doctor […]

Shoulder update

Honestly I have good days and bad days.  So far, today is a good day.  Slow healing makes for extreme frustration.  Doing the exercises really seems to help.  I’m quite sore after I do them but I take that as meaning those muscles aren’t very worked.  It’s not the shoulder […]

Shoulder: Week 7

6 weeks to the day now.  My shoulder still hurts but it’s made good progress.  A lot of movements I couldn’t make without pain early on, I can now make.  There are still some movements that give me trouble.  My range of motion is excellent but when I try to […]

Shoulder update

My shoulder just doesn’t seem to want to relent.  All of this from a poorly judged method of getting into push-up position.  Well I go next Wednesday and they’ll be sure to x-ray me and poke and pull and push my arm.  If nothing at all shows up they might request […]

To the ortho I go

Sorry I’m not doing these… well… daily! I’m learning quickly that rotator cuff injuries are the devil devil devil.  These things take a long time to heal.  I’ve been working it a bit too hard the past couple of days and I’m going to give the elliptical trainer a break […]

Daily Update

Another good day.   Ate well.  Gymmed well.  I’ve done interval cardio for three days in a row now. I know that’s not exactly the best thing.  Until my shoulder heals I’m staying away from strength training my upper body.  Probably another week or so I might start on it real […]

Day 18